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Getting a grip on innovation - using creativity and information resources

Innovation means implicit change. But where does innovation origins from. Most likely innovation is a human centric process. Ideas triggered by experience or associations with situations or solutions from different sources. Ontology based environments allow for combining human insight and intuition with business rules and information resources in a flexible and effective fashion. Diderot Track can assist in defining an environment where this combination is realised. Services for this purpose include:

  • Extraction of relevant terms and definitions from business rules, information resources and every day usage;

  • Finding the core concepts and associations that connects these terms of understanding;

  • Defining the application rules in order to use the resulting semantics within information systems;

  • Defining the rules and conditions to implement effectivemaintenance and allow for interactive usage.

The final result will be an environment where both humans and machines will have a clear understandable ruleset for using the information involved.

Consultancy and policy support

For many companies and institutions, it is important to establish whether it is useful and feasible to start using a standards based technology - such as XML - for publishing, information management or information exchange, or for carrying out marketing activities via the Internet.

The objective of providing advice is to supply an understanding of the nature and scope of all existing and desired information flows and processes. The advice also indicates the possible enhancements to be realised in the process - for instance, by using XML? - and the consequences for the organisation. Diderot Track provides consultancy and advice in the following fields:

  • Concept development and the testing of existing concepts;

  • Contra expertise and audits on applied standards or standards based technology (eg. XML, Schema, transformations etc);

  • Review the formulated information policy and directives;

  • Allocating responsibilities with regard to information management and quality;

  • The identification of critical factors and how to deal with them.

The analysis of existing approaches and processes with regard to information creation, processing and use, and a survey of the tools / software tools used, are important factors in devising the advice to be provided.

System and procedural design

Registration of the manner in which the information process within the technical and organisational environment will eventually be implemented, including the consequences of the change in information flows for operations. The system design includes all required specifications for software packages, custom-made software development and hardware. The system design also serves as a basic document based on which an agreement is reached with the parties concerning the realisation of the system.

The design provides such a precise description of the system to be realised that those executing the design (project managers, software engineers, etc.) can estimate the required effort, expertise and quality.

The establishing the information structure by drawing up schemes? (like XML-Schema? or RelaxNG schema?) is part of the design process.

Practical hands for hire

Quality assurance

Guidance of both the realisation (or building) team and the user organisation ensures the correct implementation with regards to the formulated quality standard. A fair number of practical issues can be addressed and performed by Diderot Track. The options offered includes:

  • Answering conceptual questions during realisation, for instance by organising workshops;

  • Interimmanagement for those situations wher information and technology meet;

  • Providing the user organisation with guidance and assistance;

  • Supporting and performing legacy dataconversions;?

  • Realising transformations for publishing or distribution of information;

  • Writing manuals, documentation and work instructions.

Participation in product development

Also in the development of software packages or other types of software products, it can be advantageous to work with a well-designed internal information structure. In the phases of processing, storing, importing and exporting information / parts of information, a well-designed structure will make the final product easier to maintain and, often, scalable.

Development can be more directed towards the functional product aspects by establishing the processing of information components in order to adjust the product in a way that is independent of the presentation and platform.

The way in which any contribution to such development is organised and handled by Diderot Track is entirely open. Such depends on the problem definition, and is discussed per case.

Seminars, coaching and workshops

Diderot Track also offers several seminars or courses where we teach our experience and knowledge in several fields. Detailed information for these courses can be found elsewhere on this website.

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