Service pages - news, bookshelf, dictionary, events

We provide some overviews of available information in the fields where diderot track is active. To be precise: events, books, news and a glossary. For any listed item, it is not neccesary that diderot track agrees with the content of this item, or the subjects discussed.

NewsThe news stand - A selection of news items collected from a diversity of sources. Not nessesary that the news items presented are directly related to the activity of diderot track.
Latest addition: 04-11-2013 - Linked Data Platform: use cases and requirements draft published - Semantic Web - "User stories, use cases, scenarios and requirements."read now

EventsThe agenda - Dates and descriptions of upcoming events like congresses, seminars or conferences.
Latest addition: 03-11-2013 - IETF 89 - The Internet Society Fellowship to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Programmeread now

NewsThe library - A listing of titles that can be found in the diderot track library. The subjects for these books go from "management" to "mild technical" and sometimes even "philosophical".
Latest addition: 24-09-2013 - Thinking Fast and Slow - "Buy it fast, read it slowly. It will change the way you think."read now

NewsThe dictionary - A collection of words and frases that can do with a little explanation. At least a definition for the given entries is provided.
Latest addition: 17-08-2010 - Practicalread now