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Diderot Track is a knowledge-based? company. Diderot Track specialises in advising and supporting organisations that wish to establish or enhance their computer information processes and systems. Special attention is paid to the requirements for knowledge based systems. Allowing humans to interact with information? in a effective way. In order to provide this Diderot Track defined their own vision and method called: BIAS?.

Knowledge based on experience

Diderot Track provides knowledge and experience in the form of advice, designs and guidance in the field of information- and knowledge processing. The application of open international standards - mostly based on XML syntaxes - is an important component. The enterprise supports changes in information-processing that are intended to enhance business operations.

The services provided primarily relate to the human aspects which play a role in changes in the perspective on information and the derived use. However, in addition to the human and technical aspects, Diderot Track pays attention to the organisational consequences of such improvement as well.


Diderot Track also supplies tailor-made designs for systems in which the storage, distribution and reuse of information are the main factors involved. As a result of our effort the information will be structured, distributed and in such a way that it is ordered clearly and intelligibly and allows for flexible change.


One understands a reasoning, an argument, or a language if one can consciously reproduce the information conveyed by the message. The context (situation or origin) of the message can change the understanding of the message significantly.


Aad Kamsteeg

The application of open standards to such structures can guarantee that the information will remain available for a long time: the information will retain its value because it is not subject to changes in software versions or computer platforms. Diderot Track is aware that it is important to respect the existing modus operandi and procedures within your organisation. The method of information-processing must correspond to the objective of the organisation.

Core mission of Diderot Track...

  • ... find the match between business rules, information care and human interaction;

  • ... design and construct processes and applications based on semantic (metadata, taxonomies, ontologies);

  • ... can advice, design and guide in the field of computer information-processing;

  • ... will probe for the best solution, not simply the most advanced one;

  • ... pays attention to the human and business aspects as well as the technical options;

  • ... always will its services on the existing organisation and its possibilities;

  • ... will provide solutions based on open international standards where possible.

In order to provide effective services, Diderot Track also pays the necessary attention to the storage, use and reuse of information within its own organisation. Developments in the field of information technology? occur very quickly. This is why Diderot Track must be a learning organisation, in order to enable it to provide high-level services in the future as well. For this, study and experiments with new techniques and tools have a high priority.


Imagination is more important than knowledge.


Albert Einstein

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