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Confirm new insights, discuss them, expect criticism: the private session

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What information-professional, doesn't know this situation: new plans or ideas for changing and improving the information-management environment are at hand. The desire to discuss and check these beforehand with another information-professional becomes apparent. Diderot Track now offers a solution to do just that.

Coaching 1on1

A spontaneous and intensive session that offers the opportunity to explain and discuss and explore upcoming plans or changes with an independentcriticalinformation professional. For instance like presenting or defending the outline for a new information-strategy, preparation for upcoming events. or the introduction of a new or altered information management system.

That is not easily to arrange, specially within a smaller organisation. Besides that - a colleague as counterpart will be biased or have too much knowledge about the organization. Having that discussion and exchange of ideas with an independent professional can be extremely useful and beneficial. Diderot Track now offers the opportunity to arrange such a session. Because you are forced to explain the situation in a limited time to someone that is likely to ask critical questions, will provide you with more insight and a better understanding of impact of the proposals.

Main condition is that there is no information provided about the situation or plans before hand. Guaranteeing a spontaneous and intensive,critical session.

Answers or questions

A few questions that could be answered during a 1on1 session are - among others:

  • What is the possible impact of this idea/plan?

  • Is there something I have overlooked?

  • Are there any alternatives at hand?

  • What question from management will I have to answer?

  • Do I have all answers for stakeholder questions?


After registration I will contact you for an appointment and the location. If there are some time constraints, please indicate it in the comment section of the registration form.

It is no problem to make this a 2on1 or even 3on1 session if desired, you can bring your colleague into the discussion.

Date Location Max duration Price
By appointment Your choice Half day (4 hours) € 250,00 excl. vat

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