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A seminar with a practical introduction == For Information architects

/ en/ training /modelleerSemantiek_en.phpSubjects: graphs, identity, rules, scope, sets, systeemintegration, information distributing and sharing, linked open data

Diderot Track organizes several seminars "On Grasp" during 2014. This one-day seminar will provide a consized and compressed introduction to the semantic realm. We will encounter the applicable field of business processes and information processing. Some difficult questions answered and clarified. What is semantics? What is a semantic network? Something to do with an ontology? Where is that applicable? How hard is it to work with?

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Suitable for:

Information architects; knowledge workers; project managers en project coordinators.

Introduction and clarification: the morning session

The subjects treated:

  • Hard to understand? It will be explained - semantic, pragmatic, ontology, linked data, big data;

  • How these are related and a brief history;

  • Fields of application: Systeemintegration; information distributing and sharing and linked open data;

  • The advanced concepts: Scope, Identity, Rules, Graphs and Sets;

  • Overview of the major standards involved: RDF; OWL; Topic Maps; SKOS.

To model and to rule: the afternoon session

There are several methods and procedures that can be use to find the ingredients for a semantic model, but what to choose? A selection affair.:

  • How to, where to start?

  • Use tools as you like, but don't get limited by tools.

  • Hands-on - Creating a first set-up for a semantic environment. A role playing group activity where you are allowed to discuss.

General information


Rijswijk, Mansion Te Werve. Address and rout will be send seperately with the confirmation.

Pricing and discount

De price for this seminar is € 550 per person (including lunch and drink, excluding VAT and travel expences.

Students and staff from academic institutions are granted a discount of 20%. If there is interest to send several people from one company or organisation, we offer a 30% discount for the second and any further person.

Inhouse or at congresses as well

If there is sufficient interest for this seminar at your organisation, we will be pleased to come visit. Just use the registration form and choose the appropriate option, we will contact you to discuss the options and pick a date.

If the subject of this seminar is of interest for a congress or convention you are organizing, you can use the registration form as well, pick the appropriate option and we will contact you about the options for a partial delivery of the seminar.


Cancellations until 21 days before the start of the seminar will be charged a fee of € 50,00 for administration. In case of cancellations later than this the complete 50% of the fee will be due.


In cases where the participation is not sufficient, the course can be cancelled by Diderot Track up to 21 days before the actual course would take place.


Invoicing will take place after the final confirmation that the seminar will take place.


Dates Location Time
March 27 - 2014 Rijswijk, Mansion Te Werve 09:30 till 16:00Afterparty with drinks untill 17:00 hour
On appointment (in house) Your location
At a congress (partly) On agreement
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