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Diderot Track has a mission: enabling a meaningful (semantic?) connection between business rules, information resources and - above all - people. Diderot Track designs information architectures, maintenance- and retrieval schemes, independent from specific applications or environments.

Standards based information architectures

The usage of open standards will provide the conditions for an environment that is both flexible and reliable. An environment that allows for growth and is prepared for change. The conditions to meet for innovative? businesses.

For these purposes a - by now large - number of XML? based standards? are available. Diderot Track helps making the right choice. Selecting, combining, and tuning the standards to fit the business requirements.

Special attention is given to using semantics based technology?, creating a connecting layer between the different business rules, people - like employees or customers - and automated processing of information?. Semantics that are understandable by both humans? and machines? is very useful for selective:

  • Distributing information to a diverse audience or platforms in a variety of formats;

  • Reliable exchange of information with business partners and customers (supply chain);

  • Implementing and maintaining knowledge management?;

  • Automated (database-) publishing;

  • Dynamic document composition and de-composition.

Broad focus - detailed vision

Because Diderot Track operates on the crossroad that connects information, users and technology, our focus has to be broad and still maintain the knowledge and experience to communicate with all these audiences.

Standards ...

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